15 Most Affordable Online Communications Degree Programs (Bachelor’s)

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Badge - Communications Degree GuideDescribed below are the fifteen most affordable online communications degree programs to be found today.

Communication has become an increasingly relevant area of study over the past 100 years. In a global economy, where communication with somebody on the other side of the world is not only possible, but incredibly easy, understanding how to communicate clearly, and effectively, across borders and cultures is essential. Enter the communication specialists, people who study communication inside and out, in order to help businesses, governments, politicians, non-profits, and media institutions communicate effectively in the modern age.

The applications of a communications degree are endless. Communications experts can find jobs in just about every field, and in a wide variety of roles. Communications experts are speech writers, media consultants, journalists, administrators, facilitators, interpreters, and much more, and they are essential in modern society.

These 15 programs are ranked strictly based on cost. The graduation rate of the institutions is included for informational purposes. The tuition and graduation rate data presented in this article was sourced from College Navigator, a free searchable education database housing a wealth of information about most universities in the United States. The database is a project of the National Center for Education Statistics.

15. University of Wisconsin–Superior: Bachelor of Communicating Arts

This program is designed to create effective communicators and provide students with the skill set and knowledge base necessary to pursue careers in many different fields. From healthcare administration to diplomacy, peoples’ lives and livelihoods often depend on clear and concise communication. Students of the Communicating arts program study not only the principles of communication, but the effects of communication, generating an understanding of the power of both good and bad communication in our modern age.

Graduation Rate: 35%
Tuition: $15,519

14. Mississippi University for Women: B.A. or B.S. in Communication

Mississippi University for Women is a historically female college that is now open to students of all genders. The school offers both a B.A. and B.S. Communications program, and a Communications Minor online. The program is designed for students that have completed their general education requirements in full. Students fulfilling the general education requirements can transfer those credits in, and complete the last half of the degree fully online.

Graduation Rate: 37%
Tuition: $15,360

13. Mississippi College: B.S. in Communication

Mississippi College offers both undergraduate and graduate communications programs online. The online programs are generalist degrees, focused on providing students a broad understanding of modern communication that will be applicable to a wide range of fields involving communication.

Graduation Rate: 62%
Tuition: $14,868

12. Valley City State University B.A. or B.S. in Professional Communication-Corporate

The Professional Communication with Corporate Concentration degree is designed for students seeking to gain knowledge of communication practices in the corporate setting. The program deals in detail with issues of organizational, interpersonal, and intercultural skills in marketing, development, and training. While the specialization does provide some focus, the goal is to equip students for careers in a wide variety of roles within major organizations.

Graduation Rate: 41%
Tuition: $14,596

11. Missouri State University–Springfield: B.S. in Communication

The B.S. in Communication program at MSU is a completion program. Students transferring in with an Associate’s degree in communications will be able to take all courses from MSU necessary to complete the B.S. program fully online. The program is non-comprehensive, so it requires the student to select a minor, preferably in the career area of interest to the student. Available minors are: Criminology/Criminal Justice and Communication Studies.

Graduation Rate: 55%
Tuition: $13,388

10. Pennsylvania State University–World Campus: B.A. in Advertising/Public Relations with Strategic Communication Option

This program is one of the most specific communications programs on the list. Advertising and Public Relations are all about communication, and this program specifically stresses strategic communication while putting special emphasis on problem solving, oral/visual/written communication, research and analysis, and cultural and social sensitivity and awareness.

Graduation Rate: 50%
Tuition: $13,202

9. University of Maryland–University College: B.A. in Communications Studies

The low graduation rate from UMUC is likely due to its not having been operating long enough for the numbers to really reflect the reality of the programs. In the end, with a well regarded online program like the one offered here, whether or not a student graduates with a degree is largely dependent on that student’s motivations. The communications studies program takes a liberal arts approach to the discipline. Students graduating with this degree will be prepared for a wide range of jobs across a broad spectrum of companies, industries, organizations, and fields in both the public and private sectors.

Graduation Rate: 4%
Tuition: $12,336

8. National University: B.A. in Strategic Communications

The strategic communications program at National University is designed to prepare students for careers in public relations, advertising, marketing, and corporate communication. The program is designed to help students solve problems through research, critical analysis, and strategic thinking.

Graduation Rate: 24%
Tuition: $12,096

7. University of Minnesota–Crookston: B.S. in Communications

This program is designed to prepare students for the communications field. Students study theory and practice, regarding creation, presentation, and evaluation of messages. Because communication studies has such broad applications, the focus of this program is broad in order to keep as many career possibilities open as possible for graduates.

Graduation Rate: 47%
Tuition: $11,448

6. Arizona State University–Skysong: B.S. in Communication

Arizona State University is currently putting their Skysong online education system into place. The school will be comparable to Penn State’s World Campus and Colorado State University’s Global Campus. Because the digital campus is extremely new, the online programs are still for the most part offered through the campuses of their origin, but will likely be gradually transferred over to Skysong. Thus there is no graduation rate available yet for the Skysong campus. The communications program is designed with a primary focus on communications in the business world, though the general principles of the discipline have the same broad applications of any communication’s major.

Graduation Rate: N/A
Tuition: $11,209

5. Franklin University: B.S. in Communications

Franklin University’s communications program emphasizes the integral role the communications discipline plays in all aspects of modern life. Business, politics, government, diplomacy, journalism and other media all rely on communications experts to effectively disseminate information internally and externally. This program is designed to create effective communications experts that can ply their skills across this broad spectrum of fields.

Graduation Rate: 12%
Tuition: $10,681

14. University of Texas of the Permian Basin: B.A. in Communication

Students of the communications program at UTPB will study communication theories, and the global effect of modern media and technology on business and culture. Students that complete the program will have studied modern media, rhetoric, and crisis communication. The program is designed to provide students with strong general knowledge applicable to many different careers in both public and private sectors.

Graduation Rate: 37%
Tuition: $8,130

3. Granite State College: B.S. in Communication Studies

Communications students at Granite State will study the fundamental principles and theories underlying communication. Special emphasis is placed on analysis of communication strategies, construction of communication strategies, the ability to critique rhetorical strategies, and developing the skills to communicate the results of qualitative and quantitative research.

Graduation Rate: 37%
Tuition: $7,545

2. University of North Dakota: B.A. in Communication

The University of North Dakota is home to one of the cheapest online communications programs offered by a public university. The school is one of few state universities offering online students the same rate as North Dakota residents regardless of their location. The emphasis of the communication program at UND is on interpersonal and organizational communication, public relations, advertising, print journalism, and the media.

Graduation Rate: 54%
Tuition: $7,508

1. Bellevue University: B.A., B.A.S, or B.S. in Communication Arts

This private non-profit university has an incredibly affordable online communications program. The school offers a B.A., B.A.S., and B.S. track in Communication Arts, giving students the flexibility to choose the emphasis on the discipline that most suits their career goals.

Graduation Rate: 31%
Tuition: $6,300

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