15 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Communications Degree Programs

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Badge - Communications Degree GuideThere are numerous affordable online master’s in communications degree programs as the communications field is incredibly broad and the discipline has applications in almost every facet of every career path in the modern world.  A graduate degree in communications can be beneficial to many different careers. Whether one is interested in journalism, education, or any area of business, the one universal truth about modern times is that as technology improves and communication becomes easier, effective communication becomes even more vital.

Another major concern in the United States is the growing cost of education. With over $1 Trillion in collective student debt among U.S. citizens, and a difficult job market, education can be a costly risk. That is why in this list, we have ranked the 15 cheapest accredited online communications graduate programs according to affordability. Why only online programs? In this day and age, an online degree can be earned from anywhere, and every student can go at their own pace, allowing them to keep working, which helps to offset the already low cost even further. The tuition listed here is simply the tuition per year, and does not reflect the cost of books, fees, or housing. Tuition rates were taken directly from the website of each school.

#15. Clarion University of Pennsylvania: M.S. in Mass Media Arts and Journalism

This program, while it doesn’t bear the title of “communication” is a highly specialized program focusing primarily on the applications of communications in media and journalism. The program is offered by the school’s Department of Communication and is a strong choice for students who know they wish to specialize in this area of the field.

Tuition: $15,930

#14. Northeastern University: M.S. in Corporate and Organizational Communication

Northeastern University is one of the top schools in the United States. Considering this, the cost of the program is surprisingly low. This is a much cheaper communications degree than one could get from many other well-regarded schools. The program itself is designed to give students a skill set applicable to a wide range of opportunities spanning many different types of businesses and corporations.

Tuition: $13,365

#13. Webster University: M.A. in Communications Management

The MA in Communications Management program at Webster is designed for communications professionals seeking to advance to advance their career to management and even executive positions. The program is designed for working communications professionals, according them the flexibility they need to balance earning the degree with work and life.


#12. Regent University: M.A. in Communication

The online program for the MA in communication at Regent University comes with a Strategic Communication focus. The program focuses on harnessing modern technological communication tools with the purpose of effecting major change socially.


#11. Marist College: M.A. in Communication–Organizational Communication and Leadership

Marist offers a program designed to hone the communication skills of people from a variety of backgrounds. The program aims to teach students skills that will be applicable within the context of their field. Both the full and part time options are offered fully online.

Tuition: $11,250

#10. Purdue University: M.S. in Communication–Strategic Communication

The strategic communication program offered by Purdue offers students the chance to study in an intensive program that will provide them with the qualitative and quantitative skills necessary for success at high levels of this field. The program trains students in critical thought as it can be applied to communication, and combines that with strategic communication skills to create a powerful program.

Tuition: $10,968

#9. Lasell College: M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communication

This program covers crucial issues faced by modern communications experts in areas such as public relations, promotions, and interpersonal communications. The program’s focus is very specific, targeting issues faced primarily in corporate marketing and brand management. This is a perfect program for the generalist looking to specialize, or the specialist looking to advance.

Tuition: $10,350

#8. University of Illinois: M.S. in Health Communication

The Illinois public university system is one of the most respected in the United States. The tuition for online students is very competitive in the graduate degree market as a whole. The online Master’s in Health Communication program is a strong choice for communications professionals seeking to move into the healthcare industry, and it’s also a fantastic choice for healthcare professionals seeking to transition into a new role, or advance in their career as a health communicator.

Tuition: $10,112

#7. Concordia University Saint Paul: M.A. in Strategic Communication Management

Long distance students can take all courses online, but the program is also offered in a blended format that might be attractive to those local to the school. The program focuses on training students to apply logical analysis and strategic thinking to the major issues facing communications professionals in today’s rapidly evolving business world.

Tuition: $8,550

#6. Sam Houston State University: M.A. in Communication Studies

This program is conducive both to communications academics preparing for a Ph.D. program and for communications professionals seeking to advance their career. The program is designed to benefit a wide range of professionals, regardless of whether or not their primary work is in communications proper.

Tuition: $7,776

#5. California Baptist University: M.A. in Communication

CBU is a religious university controlled by the California Southern Baptist Convention. The graduate program in communications is designed to provide students with an education in the fundamentals of the discipline, and to inform those fundamentals with a Baptist worldview.

Tuition: $7,725

#4. National University: M.A. in Strategic Communication

National University helps to prepare individuals to work in an increasingly global environment.  The goal of the program is to educate students with the necessary skills to be an effective communicator at a corporate level by teaching individuals how to plan, execute, evaluate, and collaborate effectively.

Tuition: $7,897

#3. Minnesota State University at Mankato: M.S. in Communication

This program is offered both in person and online, the program is the same regardless of the manner in which it is taken. Not only is this one of the most affordable master’s in communication programs in the country, but also it’s offered by a well-respected state university system.

Tuition: $7,020

#2. Missouri State University: M.A. in Communication

One of only two programs under $5,000 per year on our list, MSU’s tuition is so low because they offer the same rate to out of state students as resident students for their online programs. The university system in Missouri is top notch, and the school has embraced online education in a big way. All this combines to make it one of the most affordable, as well as one of the best choices for an online communication graduate program.

Tuition: $4,950

#1. North Dakota State University: M.A. in Mass Communication

Public universities in the state of North Dakota have been at the forefront of affordable online education programs for a long time now. This state boasts one of the lowest tuitions for residents, and extends that low rate to online students. The Mass Communication program is designed to fit the needs of as many students as possible. Whether you are looking to advance in your career, make a lateral move and refocus, teach, or pursue advanced study, this program isn’t just one of the most affordable master’s in communication programs, it’s also very high quality.

Tuition: $4,247.55

This concludes our ranking of the most affordable accredited online communication degree programs.

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