How Long Does it Take to Get a Master’s Degree in Communication (Journalism)?

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Are you planning on attending a program to earn a Master’s in Communication Journalism? If you know that earning a Master’s will help you advance your career in journalism, it is important to map out the best path to make your goals turn into accomplishments. There are plenty of different Master’s degree programs majoring in Communication and Journalism that you can choose to apply to, but knowing how long you will spend in school is important. Here is your guide to choosing the best program based on both reputation and duration:

The Average Duration of a Master’s degree Program in Communication

A Master’s degree in Communication or Journalism will help prepare you for high ranking positions or leadership roles in national broadcasting, journalism and other competitive environments. While the duration of a program will depend upon the school that you attend, the average duration of programs for majors in the field is between 1 and 2 years when you attend school full-time. If you are attending an executive or part-time program as you are working in journalism or broadcasting, then you might expect to spend 3 to 4 years studying to earn your graduate degree.

What Types of Courses and Credit Requirement Should You Know About?

Now that you know about the average length of a Master’s program, the next step is learning about the credit hour requirements of the most popular programs in the area of study. Credit hour requirements can range between 30 and 45 credit hours, with the lower requirements taking less time to complete. While it might sound like it is best to take a program with the lowest amount of credit requirements, this is not always the case. You want to be prepared for success in an upper-level position as soon as you graduate from your program. If taking more coursework will improve your chances of success, spending an extra semester studying is worth the investment of your time.

The curriculum that you will be required to study when earning a Master of Arts in Communication will depend on the school and whether or not it is accredited by a specialized body like the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication. This accreditation body sets standards in communications, and will evaluate curriculum to assess quality and verify compliance. By choosing an accredited school, you have peace of mind in knowing that the coursework that you are required to take meets standards. Some of the courses that you should expect to take include: Advanced Video Journalism, technical writing, perspectives in journalism, Social Media, Global Journalism, Ethics and Law, News Graphics, and Media Relations Management.

You can do a lot with a Master’s degree in communication. If you earn an advanced degree, you can advance your career and become anything from an editor or a correspondent, to a technical writer or marketer. Consider what your long-term career goals are, and decide if spending the time to earn your Master’s will help you accomplish these goals quicker. If you are interested in becoming a manager, broadcaster or other journalist who is extended a prestigious opportunity, make sure that you arm yourself with the degree that you need to succeed and compete. Now that you know how long it takes to earn a Master’s in Communication Journalism, you can start by beginning the application process.

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