Is a Communications Degree a Four Year Program?

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Is a communications degree a four year program? For most students, it will take four years to get a communications degree. The only exception is if you decide to get your degree online. In that case, you may be able to graduate faster due to the faster pace of many online classes.

There Is a Lot to Learn

Those who decide to become a communications major have a lot to learn before they can get their degree. They will learn a little bit about public relations, how the media plays a role in influencing opinions as well as journalistic ethics. Communications majors are also going to learn the nuances of writing a newspaper article, how to craft a news report and how to write effectively online.

Communications Majors May Branch Off to a Specialized Field

Some schools may offer students the ability to branch out into one specialized area within communications. For example, instead of pursuing a communications major, a school may allow a student to ua public relations major, a broadcasting major or a journalism major. In other cases, a student is going to major in communications and minor in a specialized field.

Some Schools May Require an Internship

One reason why it may take a full four years to get a communications degree is because schools may require students to complete an internship before graduation. This internship could take place over the course of a single summer or could take place over one or more school years. Examples of internships include working in the newsroom for a local television station or working in the public relations department for a local sports franchise.

The Length of the Program Depends on Credit Hour Requirement

There may be a way to finish a degree in less than four years if a student is committed to doing so. By taking core classes that also count as credits toward a communications degree, it may be possible to get a degree in fewer credit hours. Students who decide to take classes during winter or summer breaks may also be able to get ahead. However, it is not a guarantee that schools will offer such classes or offer them when a student is able to take them.

Taking Classes Online Can Speed Things Up

Taking classes online may also make it possible for a student to get a degree in less than four years. The traditional online class structure sees students finish a class in less than a semester. When a student finishes one class, he or she is able to start the next class right away. Students who complete their program without taking a break may be able to finish their degree in two or three years as opposed to four years.

Is a communications degree a four year program? The answer to that question is that it depends on the school, the timing of classes offered and whether or not students take classes online. While most students will take four years to finish their degree, it may be possible to shave months or years off of that timeline for those who are motivated to do so.

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