What is a Communications Degree?

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A communications degree can provide an individual with several unique and interesting career options. When studying communications, students learn how to inform their audience using both verbal and nonverbal messages. The field focuses on how we use communication in our everyday lives to promote, educate, inform and entertain. With a communications degree, students can learn to successfully use human interaction within their future careers. 

Career Options for those with a Communications Degree

There are many career paths for those who major in communications to choose from. Graduates can apply for jobs in Business, Advertising, Education, Electronic Media & Broadcasting, Journalism, Public Relations, Theatre & the Performing Arts, High Technology Industries, Health Care, Law, Social & Human Services, and International Relations & Negotiations. Specific job positions include Advertising Sales Coordinator, Script Writer, Make-up Artist, Campaign Director, Language Arts Coordinator, Marketing Specialist, Public Research, and Mediator.

Top Careers for Communication Majors

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Announcers, Broadcast & Sound Engineering Technicians and Editors are three of the most popular careers for those who hold a communications degree. Announcers such as radio disc jockeys, receive an average pay of $27,750 per year. Engineering Technicians are responsible for setting up, operating and maintaining electrical equipment for radio and TV broadcasts, as well as live concerts, sound recordings, and audio in school or office buildings. They typically receive a median pay of around $41,200. Editors plan, review and revise content so that it may be published. These professionals work in journalism, radio, TV, film and other media areas. They can earn an average of $53,880 per year.

Job Outlook for Communications Major

Since media and communication covers such a broad category of occupations, the job outlook for those who major in communications seems to be very promising for the future. According to StudentsReview.com, the average salary for individuals who hold a communications degree can range anywhere from $45,122 up to $72,636, depending on years of experience.

Where to Study for a Communications Degree

A Bachelor’s degree program in Communication will consist of studying public relations, media studies, journalism, visual communications and advertising. There are some colleges and universities that offer a degree in communication with several concentration options. Others will offer each field as a distinctive major. Along with earning a Bachelor’s degree, students can also enroll in minors and interdisciplinary programs. Some of the top schools in the country that offer programs for communication majors include the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, The University of Texas at Austin, Michigan State University, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

A communications degree can open up many doors for students who are interested in starting a career in a viable industry. With so many different areas to consider, communications majors have the opportunity to work toward a career that focuses on particular subjects they are familiar with such as television broadcasting, advertising or journalism. Several schools now offer a variety of communications programs that can provide the knowledge and skills required to be successful in the field. By earning a communications degree, students can increase their chances of getting an entry level job quickly and will have the opportunity to move up the ladder in the years to come.

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