What Kind of Internship Should I Do With a Communications Degree?

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If you’re beginning to look for a communications degree internship, the first step is to consider your interests and ideal career path and seek an opportunity that will help you gain experience that will not only look great on your resume, but give you a taste of what it will be like to have a real job in the field. Read on for information on some of the best internships to do in the communications field. These positions are not only paid in many cases, but also will allow you to perform duties beyond making copies (and, if you’re lucky, may lead to a permanent employment opportunity).

For-Profit Companies

If you’re interested in corporate communications, Proctor and Gamble not only offers a high-paid internship, but also has unique perks like relocation benefits, career planning services, and fun social activities with other interns. To learn more about their intern program, which accepts communications majors, visit them online. Other companies, such as Merck, have similar programs.

Major Newspapers

If you’re interested in print journalism, where better to get your start than at a renowned newspaper in the big city. Many of the highest ranked newspapers in the United States have official internship programs, where you’ll learn the trade and, if you’re lucky, get a few bylines. Try the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and organizations like the Scripps Howard Foundation.

Broadcasting Corporations

If you dream of a communications career in front of the cameras, try interning at a network and see what it’s all about behind the scenes. CBS News has one of the most robust internship programs in the field, with opportunities within a variety of disciplines.


Simon and Schuster is one of the best places for communications interns if you’re interested in learning more about the book publishing process. They have opportunities no matter what your interests, from textbooks and educational materials to fiction and magazines.

Non-Profit Organizations

The nature of non-profit organizations means that they are often shorthanded, so this is a great way to work for a cause you’re passionate about while learning the ropes of your chosen field. Although the pay is typically low, you’ll find that you’ll be an important part of the team and able to make immeasurable contributions toward their mission. A great place to look for non-profit internships and positions is idealist.org.

Where to Find an Internship

One of the best places to begin searching for an internship is at Vault.com, which has a list of the best internships for marketing and communications managers.  Another website, InternMatch, is also an excellent resources, and has communications specific programs.

Communications degree internships will greatly increase your chances of finding a job upon graduation. With an internship position that enhances your studies and gives you the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals, you’ll find that an internship is one of the most valuable educational experiences you’ll have in your college career.

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