Who Should Consider an Online Communications Degree

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A Bachelor’s Degree in Communications is a popular choice amongst student athletes and liberal arts enthusiasts. A communications degree is recommended for those wishing to become effective communicators in the workplace and their future relationships. Clear communication and interpersonal skills are valuable assets in the workplace and will make candidates more likely to be considered for work. An online communications degree can be earned from the convenience of your own home and makes you a much a more competitive candidate in the workforce. Scholars wishing to pursue careers in public speaking or politics will greatly benefit from acquiring the skills needed to speak confidently and succinctly.

Advice while pursuing the degree

Communications is a very popular degree. Every year, thousands of new graduates are entering the job market with a communications degree. Because of this, it is important to set yourself apart from your competition. The economy is not perfect, so it is imperative to stand out when when applying for jobs. Undergrad students majoring in communications should consider minoring in business, public relations, or accounting to maximize the chances of seamlessly transitioning into the job market after graduation. Communications is a very versatile major, so specializing in skills will make you a more desirable candidate for jobs.

Required Coursework

The courses you take during your undergrad career as a communications major will develop your written and oral communication skills as well as increase your ability convey ideas to large groups of people. Communications majors will learn how to prepare and make effective oral presentations in addition to the art of conflict management and persuasion. Obtaining an online communications degree will help you communicate with a diverse group of people. Several specialized courses are offered such as advertising and marketing, business communications, organizational behavior, and managerial communication. Popular courses offered in the curriculum include: Interpersonal Communication, Fundamentals of Public Speaking, Mass Communication, Negotiation and Persuasion, and Intercultural Communication.

Career Choices

The versatility of a communications major offers several options upon entering the job market after graduating. The curriculum is easily adaptable and a huge selection of positions in the job market benefit from the skills taught. An online communications degree can help transition into a business-related positions such as public relations, and marketing. Public relation specialists have an average annual salary of $60,400 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Public relations specialists are required to help companies develop fruitful relationships with their clientele, general public, and constituents. Public relations specialists are often put in charge of organizing media events like press conferences and advertising in order to improve their respective company’s public image. In addition to this, public relations specialists act as a liaison for resolving conflicts arising within a company or organization.

Writing is also another popular choice for communications majors. With an average salary of $68,000 (www.bls.gov), many communications majors seek jobs at publication firms. Writers enjoy several benefits such as flexible schedules and the ability to make extra money by taking on extra freelancing projects. However, the rise of the Internet has made it harder for print publishers to compete and stay profitable. Because of this, writing positions for print publications like newspapers and magazines are becoming more competitive. Writers often have to resort to freelancing to make a comfortable living. Technical writers are more specialized as they take industry-specific jargon and make it readable to the general public.

Overall Benefits of an Online Communications Degree

Earning a degree online is convenient and often a lot cheaper than attending an four-year institution. Obtaining an online communications degree exponentially makes one a more viable candidate for a job requiring interpersonal skills. The versatility of the curriculum allows candidates to transition from one field to another without additional education. In addition to this, the curriculum of most online communications programs are relatively easy compared to accounting economics. An added benefit is the fact that you can qualify for many of the same jobs as accounting or economics majors while enjoying a fun and enriching curriculum.

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