Why Should I Consider a Communications Degree?

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The debate surrounding the relevance of the communications degree is ongoing. Many students find themselves wondering if the pursuit of communication studies is worth their while in this day and age. In truth, communication is more important now than ever before. No longer are people meeting face-to-face or talking on the phone to reach the ideal audience – they are turning to the Internet and social media. University students studying communication are not simply learning to give speeches or to understand relationship theories. Today, they are learning how to create messages supported by meaning and to consider the cultural, social and political aspects of a given message. Living in a world where a single person can reach millions in a matter of minutes, there is certainly a place for communication studies.

Do it for the Job

Many students opt for a degree in communications because there are so many careers available that are geared toward this industry. Unfortunately, communication programs are among the most highly misunderstood in the educational system. People tend to believe that media studies are geared toward writing short speeches and watching films. With a communications degree, students will understand human relationships, social phenomena and public relations. Today, the field of communication is no longer limited to journalists and public relations representatives. Careers in broadcasting, cinematographic, business and writing fields are all open to graduates in these fields. It stands that those who study communications and media are highly employable. The flexibility of communications careers extends beyond editing, advertising, acting, human resources and management.

Do it for the Skills

How many people can genuinely say that they are great writers? How many people are actually good at engaging with the intended audience? These are the skills a communication student works on. In these communication programs students learn skills related to project management, critical thinking and targeting the best market. Ethics are another top concern in the social media field today. Studying communications is a great way to learn about the context of information exchange in our modern world.

Do it for Personal Gain

Let’s face it: human interaction is a staple of everyday living. As the Internet helps to create a smaller world, developing communication skills is great for personal gain. A communications degree can lead to more contacts and in turn, the possibility of more career and relationship options. We can take advantage of humanity’s globalization to discover new people, cultures and ideas. Not only that, but communication skills are beneficial for the student’s personal life. Everything we do is steeped in the sharing of information. The personal reward of learning to speak with others in a variety of social contexts can be highly rewarding.

It seems as if the world is getting smaller each day. While many would consider this area of study to be fluffy, it is by no means a luxury course of study. A communications degree offers its graduates a wide range of employment opportunities based in modern techniques and theories.

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