Communications Degrees in Delaware

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Historically known as the first state to ratify the United States’ Constitution, Delaware also seeks top billing in education as many students pursue communication degrees in Delaware. The communication degree concentration is a versatile one that promotes the development of skills that are used in all jobs. While it is the second smallest state in the nation, Delaware offers plenty in the way of quality colleges and universities that lay a great foundation for all types of communication related careers worldwide.

Delaware State University

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

The Delaware State University (DSU) College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences promotes excellence in their academic fields through rigorous research, recruitment of quality faculty and the encouragement of intellectual curiosity within a multi-cultural context. The College offers courses and curricula in the arts pertaining to music, art creation and mass communication. The humanities degree concentration areas at DSU offer students programs in English and many foreign languages along with opportunities to study abroad. Since the school has nurtured professional and academic relationships with a variety of global organizations, its students are able to make the most of their time as undergraduates and gain richer academic experiences.

Mass Communications

While Mass Communications is a department within the DSU College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, it is also an undergraduate degree option for DSU students. The Mass Communications bachelor degree program helps students develop valuable skills and professional techniques related to various forms of journalism, public relations and media production. The promotion of sound theoretical communication concepts, performance based skills and professional internships is the foundation of the Mass Communication degree curriculum at DSU. The school offers its Mass Communications undergraduate degree with three concentration areas including convergence journalism, public relations and advertising and television radio film production. Within the convergence journalism specialization, students learn how to effectively combine print, video and photographic elements of journalism to communicate about the socio-economic and political topics that affect the world. Students pursuing Mass Communication degrees in public relations focus on developing industry specific writing and research skills. The television radio film concentration area offers students an exciting mix of coursework that includes news collection, reporting, sound production and media ethics and law. Students who participate in DSU’s Mass Communications program benefit from comprehensive coursework, interesting real world projects as well as state-of-the-art labs, studios and other facilities.

1200 N. DuPont Highway
Dover, DE 19901

Delaware Valley College

School of Business and Humanities, English Department

Delaware Valley College (DelVal) is in the process of becoming a full-fledged university, and its programs like the ones found in the School of Business and Humanities reflect a progressive nature when it comes to academic excellence. The notable keys of success for DelVal’s School of Business and Humanities are its interdisciplinary learning approach and an exceptional faculty with the necessary industry experience and teaching acumen to fully engage students to reach their academic and career goals. The academic majors represented within DelVal’s School of Business and Humanities are secondary education, counseling psychology, business, English, criminal justice and media and communications.

Media and Communication (B.A.)

DelVal’s School of Business and Humanities reaches out to industry businesses in efforts to continuously improve its academic offerings, and some of the top skills that these business employers stated that they valued most were communication and problem solving skills. The development of these skills is the basis of DelVal’s Media and Communication Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree program. The coursework offered to students participating in this program teaches students foundational communication skills during the first part of the program like business writing, editing and public speaking. These skills are taught via a DelVal program called Experience360 where students are required to choose among a variety of activities including internships, study abroad opportunities, community service and student research projects. The Media and Communication B.A. degree program gives students the opportunity to enter a career field that utilizes creative talents like photography and language arts while fully appreciating technical skills like those associated with media production and web development.

700 E Butler Ave.
Doylestown, PA 18901

University of Delaware

College of Arts and Sciences, Department of English

The University of Delaware (UD) College of Arts and Sciences includes a variety of programs like ones pertaining to performing and fine arts, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and secondary education. The college’s primary goals are to develop professional leaders who have broad knowledge of history and world cultures as well as problem solving skills that are enhanced by systematic research and natural curiosity. The global leaders that UD seeks to develop also possess the empathy and ethics to apply their critical thinking skills to help alleviate social ills that cannot be cured by advancements in technology alone. The College of Arts and Sciences contains the school’s English department that helps students refine written, verbal and multi-media communication skills needed by modern, global business leaders.

Journalism Minor

UD’s Journalism Minor offers students a comprehensive program that helps them to develop a variety of writing styles and foundational multi-media skills. Depending on students’ personal interests and academic goals, they can choose among specialized writing coursework for health care, sports and environmental career paths. The program also exposes students to the ethical norms and legalities within the media. Recognizing that the skills taught in the Department of English Journalism Minor program are used regularly by professionals working in a variety of industries, UD opened the Journalism Minor program to all students no matter their chosen major. This UD program provides additional value to students through its partnerships with businesses operating in various industries. It is through these partnerships that students access exciting internship opportunities that lead to rewarding future careers.

203 Memorial Hall
Newark,DE 19716

The skills taught within communication degree programs are undoubtedly necessary within all businesses. Today’s students have opportunities to select a communication major or a related minor when they consider obtaining communications degrees in Delaware.

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