What is the Average Salary for Someone With a Communications Degree?

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 If you have ever considered pursuing a career in the field of communications, an important question has probably crossed your mind: What is the average salary for someone with a communications degree? By reviewing the information listed below, you can obtain an answer to this question and several others pertaining to the field.

Communications-The Basics

Although broadly defined, communications is a field that involves conveying data through the exchange of messages, information, and thoughts. Communication can transpire through the use of visuals, speech, behavior, or signals and transpires when there has been a meaningful exchange of data between two or more people.

Salaries For People With Communication Degrees

Individuals who have decided to pursue communications as their vocational path often wonder what type of salary they can expect to obtain once they have earned a communications degree. There is no simple answer to this question because there are a plethora of job positions that individuals with a communications degree could apply to, and they each offer different salaries. Moreover, individuals who apply for the same job position may earn a different salary based on factors including but not limited to education, experience, expertise, and location. Discerning what type of degree one can expect to earn with a degree in communications becomes even more challenging when one considers the fact that individuals with the degree can work in almost every career sector (government, business, media, entertainment, journalism, education, health care, etc.) Despite the challenge involved in ascertaining what type of salary one can expect to earn with a degree in communications, individuals attempting to obtain an answer can consider some basic information regarding job salaries submitted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

1. Reporter

Individuals who obtain a degree in communications can work as a reporter. Being a reporter involves informing the public regarding events that transpire on a local, national, and/or international level. Reporters can report news via magazines, television, websites, radio, or newspapers. Reporters earn an average annual salary of $37,090.

2. Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists work by creating and maintaining a positive and interactive public image for the organizations or businesses they represent. To accomplish this objective, they create media releases in order to ensure that the public perception of their employer is favorable. Public relations specialists can expect to earn about $54,170 annually.

3. Editor

Editors work by planning, reviewing, and revising written content that will be published. The Bureau reports that editors can expect to earn about $53,880 annually.

4. Technical Writer

Technical writers prepare journal articles, instruction manuals, and various other types of documents in order to communicate technical information. Additionally, they may develop and disseminate technical data amongst customers, manufacturers, and designers. The Bureau reports that technical writers can expect to earn about $65,500 annually.

There are numerous other career paths individuals who obtain a degree in communications can opt to pursue. Some of them include becoming an advertising specialist, copy writer, account executive manager, creative director, media sales representative, and public researcher.


If you are thinking about attaining a degree in communications, you should know that doing so can present you with a variety of profitable career options. Now that you have an answer to the important question “What is the average salary for someone with a communications degree?,” you can determine whether this is the right vocational path for you to pursue.

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